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        1. For Investors

          For Investors

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                1. Sustainability


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                        1. Creating for Tomorrow

                          Creating for Tomorrow

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                                • kane williamson,india online games,pattaya nightlife boom boom,Risk Management

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                                        The bat365 login Group has established and is working to reinforce basic guidelines for risk management and emergency response in the Group's business operations in accordance with the bat365 login Group Basic Regulation for Risk Management & Compliance.

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                                          Each division, strategic business unit, and subsidiary clarifies who bears responsibility for promoting risk management; acknowledges, evaluates, and analyzes the risks of each business; and plans and manages countermeasures for significant risks present in management plans. Through the Risk Management & Compliance Committee, chaired by the President, we confirm and follow-up on the progress being made.

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                                                  In light of environmental issues such as climate change as well as changes in industrial structure, decreases in the working population, and so on, it is possible that new ESG-related risks will become apparent from social changes related to sustainability. We address these ESG risks as a vital management issue. In particular, given that our businesses rely heavily on energy, addressing climate change is essential, and we consider it to present both risks and opportunities in terms of management.
                                                  Based on this mindset, we conducted an analysis of the risks and opportunities presented by climate change in keeping with the recommendations of the TFCD (Task Force on Climate-related Financial Disclosures) and devised countermeasures.
                                                  We are working to make management as well as our business and environmental divisions aware of these results and take appropriate action.

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                                                    Recognizing the importance of countermeasures to protect against information security risks, we established the bat365 login Group Information Security Policy and aim to ensure and further improve information security.

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                                                                As ensuring information security is an important management responsibility, the bat365 login Group declares that it faithfully applies its established information security policy.

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                                                                      • 1.Legal Compliance
                                                                        We comply with laws and internal regulations concerning information security.
                                                                      • 2.System Establishment
                                                                        We have an established system to safeguard information security throughout the organization.
                                                                      • 3. Implementation of Countermeasures
                                                                        We implement appropriate information security countermeasures corresponding to our information assets to prevent information security incidents. In the event that an incident occurs, we respond swiftly and appropriately, strive to minimize any damage, and endeavor to prevent any recurrence.
                                                                      • 4.Education of Employees
                                                                        We provide information security training to all employees to ensure full awareness of the importance of information security and the proper use of information assets.
                                                                      • 5.Continuous Improvement
                                                                        We continuously assess our efforts for information security, and apply improvements as necessary.

                                                                      Established December 1, 2016


                                                                      The bat365 login Group is committed to the proper handling and use of personal information, in accordance with the bat365 login Group Regulation for Management of Personal Information. An information security handbook which describes our rules for handling information is distributed to all employees, and education is performed via e-learning. Furthermore, we made necessary changes to the bat365 login Group Regulation for Management of Personal Information to comply with Japan's revised Personal Information Protection Act that took effect in May 2017.

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                                                                      To comply with the General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) that took effect in the EU in May 2018, we have newly formulated the bat365 login Group Regulation for Management of Personal Information and established the necessary standards and systems.


                                                                          The bat365 login Group implements strict measures to prevent unauthorized or unintentional outflow of technological information and know-how in accordance with its basic policy and management standards for prevention of technology outflow. The bat365 login Group also applies internal guidelines summarizing related precautions to take when entering business overseas as well as procedures to ensure the preservation of prior-use rights overseas. The company's internal magazine is used to raise further awareness among employees, and workshops are held for training and education regarding protection of intellectual property.

                                                                              For more information about our intellectual property, please refer to the bat365 login Group Intellectual Property Report.

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                                                                                  Due to accidents, incidents, or problems, if bat365 login Group operations are significantly damaged or would cause serious adverse effects on the general public, we have a system to establish a group emergency response headquarters which works with the relevant divisions and departments to ensure that the proper response is taken.
                                                                                  In fiscal 2017, we established the bat365 login Group Emergency Response Regulation which stipulates basic policy when an emergency occurs, standards to institute an Emergency Response Headquarters, and the functions thereof.

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                                                                                          2. webmaps

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