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  • R&D


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      • For Investors

        For Investors

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            • Sustainability


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                                          1. Creating for Tomorrow

                                            Creating for Tomorrow

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                                                            The bat365 login Group issued our first Environment Report in 1991, and we began issuing a CSR Report in 2006 with content expanded to include social responsibilities. Through these reports, we have further enriched communication with our stakeholders and continually fulfilled our accountability.
                                                            In line with a trend mainly in Europe to combine financial and non-financial information in a single integrated report, in 2014 we issued an bat365 login Report replacing our Annual Report and CSR Report. At the same time, since then we disclose information on the details of our CSR activities using this website.
                                                            Since fiscal 2019, we have termed this report the "Sustainability Report" both on our website and in its downloadable form. In the report, we present the Group's approach to sustainability and contributions to achieving a sustainable society, in accordance with the concept "Care for People, Care for Earth" presented in our Medium-term Management Initiative "Cs+ for Tomorrow 2021," which was launched in fiscal 2019. The framework for our activities is organized into Environment (E), Society (S), and Governance (G), and comprehensive information is provided on policies, systems, activities, numerical data, etc.

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                                                                The primary focus is fiscal 2020 (April 2020 – March 2021). Some information pertains to the period subsequent to this.

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                                                                  Information herein pertains to bat365 login Corp. and consolidated subsidiaries as of March 31, 2021, unless otherwise noted.
                                                                  On April 1, 2016, bat365 login Corp. became an operating holding company through the absorption of three of its core operating companies, bat365 login Fibers Corp., bat365 login Chemicals Corp., and bat365 login E-materials Corp. The former company names may appear in this report.
                                                                  Data with differing scopes or coverage is presented in footnotes.
                                                                  With respect to Responsible Care reporting, the scope is operations inside and outside of Japan which implement the bat365 login Group's Responsible Care program. A list of the business sites implementing the program is presented below.

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                                                                    Please contact us via the website or telephone if you have an inquiry.
                                                                    To submit an inquiry through the website, please use the following form:

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                                                                        We reference the following guidelines and framework when disclosing information related to sustainability.

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                                                                                Published October 2021 in Japanese(March 2022 partly updated)
                                                                                Next scheduled publication: October 2022
                                                                                Previous publication: October 2020

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